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Getting Started

Running Commands

You can run commands by sending messages in the chat. ghosty's commands are prefixed with ? (but it is customizable). This means, you can run commands by sending, for example, ?tord. That's the command for the Truth or Dare game.

Available Commands

You can get a list of all commands using ?help. For how to use the games specifically (i.e., how to create a game, join a game etc.), we have an overview in this documentation.


An overview over the available bot settings for the server can be brought up by ?settings.

(Custom) Prefix

The default prefix is ?. In some cases, it can be helpful to change the prefix with ?prefix <new_prefix>, for example ?prefix g?. You can also mention ghosty to run commands like @ghosty prefix g?, that can be handy if ghosty's prefix conflicts with another bot.

Looking at the data, the top three alternative prefixes that server admins set for ghosty are g!, . and ,. For inspiration!

Switching Language

There are currently three languages available:

  • English (en)
  • German (de)
  • Portuguese (pt-BR)

You can switch by using ?lang. We are always looking for translators for other languages.


If ghosty is not responding to commands, try the following:

  • The first, simple check you can do is mentioning ghosty. If he can see the message, he'll react with 👀.
  • Next, run @ghosty prefix. It'll show the current prefix for the server. Maybe it has been changed before and that's why he is not responding to the default prefix ?.

If any of the above steps don't make ghosty respond, make sure:

  • ghosty is on your server. In the past, people invited "the wrong ghosty" or didn't notice that another admin removed the bot.
  • There could be a more fundamental issue with how the permissions are set up on your server. It's hard to give specific help here, but you will have to make sure that no server-level / role permissions are missing and that they don't get overwritten by category permissions or channel permissions.
  • In certain circumstances, it can happen that ghosty is currently offline or restarting. Make sure, he's online. You might want to wait a few minutes and try agian. You can also check our community server for updates on the status or to try out if the bot is responding on a server that we know of that it usually works.