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Premium Servers

The following features apply to premium servers of all tiers.

Advanced Bot Settings

Premium servers allow you to customize ghosty to your liking

  • This includes the ability to disable commands, define auto reactions, and set channel languages
  • On premium servers, you can customize the behavior of bombs by specifying mute scopes or enabling multiplied mutes
  • You can customize the subreddits used for the ?meme command using the ?reddit command
  • More control over the handling of nsfw commands (?nsfw, ?sfw_help)

More Fun Commands

Two additional text actions (?revive & ?fuck) are available on premium servers

Additional Features in Games

Premium servers have access to additional features in games, such as...

  • Unlocked Host mode in Hangman (choose a mode with ?hangman wordby)
  • Additional themes to choose from in the game of Memory (use /memory)
  • The option to play various chess variants like Chess960 and King of the Hills (use /chess)
  • Different game board sizes and variants in Connect Four

General Benefits

Premium servers have reduced cooldowns and doubled per-command goos for all users.

Daily Bonus

  • Depending on your tier, you get a daily bonus ranging between from 10% to 20%!
  • A benefit is also a reduction in the ?send tax, while higher tiers are completly expemted from taxes

Tier 2 Features

Experimental Voice Features

  • Fun music quiz game Guess The Song with different themes to pick! Try with ?songs!
  • Easy-to-use ?radio feature with selected radio stations to choose from.

All Bad Cards Integration

The All Bad Cards integration allows you to add additional decks in the game of Ghosts Against Discord. You can even create your own decks on the platform and use them with ghosty.

  • See ?gad abc for an explaining gif of how to add ABC decks to ghosty and the link to the platform
  • ?gad abc add <code> to add an ABC deck to a Ghosts Against Discord game
  • ?gad abc remove <code> to remove an ABC deck from a Ghosts Against Discord game

Tier 3 Features

Custom ghOwOjis

  • ?gji custom <url|emoji> to add a custom ghowoji, only for you! Don't forget to ?gji equip afterwards :3 You can only add one custom ghowoji, your current custom ghowoji will get replaced if you add another.
  • ?gji custom reset removes your custom ghowoji.
  • Your custom ghOwOji will be retained even after your subscription ends, but you will not be able to change it.

Chess Log Channel

On Tier 3 servers, you can set a channel where ghosty will post a log of all chess games played on the server. Use ?chess-log <channel> to set the channel.

Manage your Premium Servers

You can use ?premium to manage your premium servers. Simply run the command on the server of your choice and press Add to make a server a premium server.

?premiumghosty-server (519317520398680094)You can add up to 3 premium servers!AddRemoveReset

You can also specify a server by ID ?premium <server_id>.